Why Hire a Boston Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are in a fight for your freedom and your future. This is not the time to rely on a Public Defender; you need a private Boston Criminal Defense Attorney who will fight tirelessly for your rights. Boston Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan is an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with a proven track record of wins for clients facing a broad range of criminal charges.

Boston Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan

Not only is Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan recognized as a top criminal defense attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he has achieved that reputation nationally as well. He has gained extensive experience in this area of law practice since he was first licensed in Massachusetts, in 1988.

Mr. Nathan is admitted to practice in both Federal and State courtrooms. As a Boston Criminal Defense Attorney, he has over 25 years experience handling complex criminal cases of felony, federal and white collar crimes. Considered an expert in criminal defense, he has achieved an impressive record of success for negotiations with the United States Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security, the DEA, District Attorneys and state agencies.

Criminal Defense Basics

People who are accused of, or charged with crimes need to lodge an effective defense to protect their rights. In some cases, there is an option to obtain defense services from a public defender. When possible, it is always better to retain a private Boston Criminal Defense Attorney to get the best possible results from that representation.

There are important differences between the two types of defense counsel.

  • Private Attorney - A private attorney will work closely with you on all aspect of your case. If it is necessary to take over your case from another lawyer or the public defender, this legal professional will handle it in the normal fashion, giving you personalized attention and formulating a unique strategy for your case. They often will offer a free consultation, but they also do charge for most legal services. You can choose your own private attorney, and make that selection based on full disclosure of their experience in criminal defense. Your own private attorney may have less chance of problems like conflict of interest than a public defender might. With extensive local experience, they also will know many officials and others in the local court system.
  • Public Defender - If you are facing incarceration due to a criminal conviction, the Sixth Amendment guarantees your right to have legal counsel. If your finances are such that you cannot afford a private attorney, the court will appoint legal counsel to represent you at trial. This attorney may be from the local public defender’s office, or perhaps a local private attorney selected from a pre-approved panel of attorneys who are on duty for court service that day. These lawyers are all experienced with criminal defense. If extra funds are required for presenting evidence, perhaps from private investigators or expert witnesses, they can petition the court to fund those expenses. There may be multiple attorneys at the public defender’s office that work on different phases of your case. Those with the most experience sometimes only handle the most serious cases. You can request a change of public defender for good reason, or hire your own private attorney if you acquire funds during the duration of the case.

Education & Experience

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Geoffrey G Nathan has gained extensive experience over 25 years, defending clients successfully. He has helped hundreds of clients win their cases of serious criminal charges, accusations and appeals. He is licensed to practice in state and federal courts, and gives each client individual attention as he works with them from initial consultation through planning strategies and case presentations.

A Boston native, Attorney Nathan started his criminal defense work as a lawyer following graduation from Boston College Law School, in 1984. He is recognized for his knowledge, skills and diligent work by the local legal community. He is well known for excellent preparation and an overwhelming in-court demeanor. Charges have been reduced by the government in many cases, and his clients are highly satisfied with deals that are negotiated. Attorney Nathan usually is victorious when cases move on to a jury trial.

In addition to his work in Boston courtrooms, Attorney Nathan has represented clients statewide and internationally when he defended US soldiers accused of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of his cases have been featured in the media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, FOX NEWS, and other TV channels.

Notable Cases & Results

Among the most serious criminal defense cases won by Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan are cases involving:

  • Embezzlement
  • Federal Indictment
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Drug & Trafficking
  • Tax Fraud & Evasion
  • Grand Jury Subpoena
  • Conspiracy
  • Insider Trading

Attorney Nathan worked as a Norfolk County and Bristol County bar advocate following his graduation from law school. He also has tried cases to verdict in the United States District Court. In Baghdad, he was one of the first criminal defense lawyers to monitor a legal team that landed there during operation Iraqi freedom. He defended PFC. Jorge L. Diaz, the first US soldier accused of premeditated murder during that operation. He co-represented other Army clients accused of serious crimes, in cases that were featured in the New Yorker magazine and on CNN.

In Massachusetts state and federal courts, he has represented hundreds of clients successfully, defending them against criminal charges that ranged from misdemeanors to felonies and murder. He has a lengthy and stellar record of wins in jury trials, negotiations and appeals hearings.

Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a criminal offense, you need a respected and capable Boston Criminal Defense Attorney who has superior credentials and extensive experience handling criminal defense cases. The outcome of your case always depends on your legal representative; if you are unrepresented or have an attorney who is not well experienced in a court of law, you risk getting a verdict of guilty and possible incarceration in prison.

Take fast action, preferably before any charges are filed. Get the best defense possible in Boston Massachusetts and throughout the Northeast region. Contact the law office of Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan, in Boston, MA. Contact him now for your free consultation. Call toll free, at 877-472-5775.

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