Two Brockton MA Men Facing Attempted Murder Charges

Two men from Brockton, Massachusetts are dealing with charges of attempted murder after they tried to choke their girlfriends to death. Both of the incidents were separate and unrelated.

In the first one, police were called to Warren Avenue in Brockton after they got an emergency call last Saturday. The caller told the police that she had escaped her boyfriend and that he was choking and slapping her with his belt.

In that case, the police charged Edson Andrade with attempted murder as well as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

In another incident, police in Brockton were called to a house on Main Street after the state police got a call last Saturday as well. The woman who made the call said that her boyfriend put her in a choke hold and then threw her from his car. Police in this case charged Danny Rodriguez with attempted murder.

Andrade and Rodriguez are being summoned to court in Brockton to face their charges at a later date.

In another unrelated criminal case in Brockton, a convicted murderer is fighting a denial of his request for a name change. The name of the convicted murderer is Charles Jaynes. He wants to state of Massachusetts to pay for an investigation into the denied ruling and for an attorney appointed by the court.

The state of Massachusetts does not want Jaynes to change his name because of the fear that it could cause paperwork confusion in the justice system.

He stated in the Brockton court that he knows for sure that people have not been denied their first amendment rights to change names on the grounds of religion.

Jaynes told the court that he has changed to the Wiccan religion and is requesting that his name be changed to Manasseh Invictus Auric Thutmos V.

Jaynes murdered a 10 year old boy in 1997. His father told the media that any time Jaynes comes to court, he makes sure he is there to confront him. The body of the boy was found in a container full of cement in a river in Maine after he was kidnapped, raped and murdered.

According to the boy’s father, Jaynes is a liar and murderer, and no one should believe anything that he says.

In addition to asking for a change of name, Jaynes is asking for an attorney appointed by the court to help in the name change request and also for a PI to check why changing his name would create any record keeping problems for the state of Massachusetts.

If he is allowed to change his name to something different other than what is in court records, it is easy to understand why the Court of Appeals would be concerned. It could cause some confusion in the justice system. That in itself is a good reason to deny the name change, according to the attorney for the father of the boy who was murdered.

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