Facing Deportation For a Criminal Charge?

All immigrants to the United States – including those with green cards – can be deported if they break US immigration laws. Immigrants may be deported if they are convicted of what is known as a ‘crime of moral turpitude’ … Read More

Pro Hac Vice for Massachusetts

Within the modern legal system, there are numerous processes that are defined in their original Latin terms. Pro Hac Vice is one of many legal options that are of concern to experienced attorneys who handle complex cases where they might … Read More

Why Hire a Boston Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are in a fight for your freedom and your future. This is not the time to rely on a Public Defender; you need a private Boston Criminal Defense … Read More

Misdemeanor vs Felony Offense Levels

Every crime in Massachusetts and across the US is classified as an infraction, misdemeanor or felony. How a crime will be categorized in this state depends upon the penalties involved. In Massachusetts, the convicted person can be sentenced to state … Read More

Disorderly Conduct Laws & Charges

Charges that regard the concept of disorderly conduct were created in an attempt to help communities across the United States to run as smoothly, peacefully, and calmly as possible. As a result, municipalities, and states have numerous laws that may … Read More

Bomb Threat Charges

In Massachusetts just like in other states, there’s nothing funny or entertaining about issuing a fake bomb threat to law enforcement, or starting a panic within a public place. While some people believe that bomb threats are nothing more than … Read More

Drug Laws & Charges

It’s not just drug dealers in Massachusetts who are arrested and sent to prison if they are caught in the act of selling or manufacturing drugs. Carrying or possessing drugs for your own personal use is also against the law, … Read More

Vehicular Homicide Laws & Charges

The crime of vehicular homicide takes place when a person is killed by a car or another vehicle. Because it is a form of homicide, this crime is obviously very serious, and the penalties that can be issued as a … Read More

Wiretapping Laws & Charges

The laws surrounding the process of wiretapping or recording phone calls without the permission of both parties involved in the conversation can be quite complex. Massachusetts is one of the states that are very restrictive when it comes to wiretapping. … Read More

Sex Offender Failure to File

Being convicted with a sex crime bars you from going to certain places, and leaves you with a humiliating black mark on your record that never goes away, which can mean that it can be tempting for a sex offender … Read More

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