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Have you had cash or other assets wrongly seized by agents of the federal government? You need to hire the top asset forfeiture attorney from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan.

Attorney Nathan is a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer with 25 years of distinguished experience, and he provides legal commentary in 750 national newspapers and on Fox News

As the Managing Director of the National Civil Asset Recovery Center, and owner of, Nathan is the premier forfeiture litigator in the US today.

Nathan has provided a successful defense for clients around the world. His recent victories and financial settlements for his clients are well known throughout the US District Court system.

Some of his recent forfeiture recovery cases include:

  • Massachusetts: $1.4 million in cash seized by DEA - split settlement out of court.

  • Illinois - $96,000 in cash seized by DEA - split settlement out of court

  • California - $315,000 in cash seized by DEA - split settlement out of court

  • New Mexico - $32,000 in cash seized by DEA - split settlement out of court.

  • Florida - $38,000 in cash seized by DEA. 100% settlement out of court.

  • Rhode Island - $17,000 in cash seized by DEA - 90% recovered out of court.

  • Texas - Representing client as presenter in $44 million Medicare fraud scam.

Attorney Nathan also has successfully litigated in the following cash and property seizure cases:

  • Cash seized at airport was in defendant's socks, but it was ordered to be returned by a federal judge.

  • Single engine plane seized at airport was ordered to be returned by a federal judge.

  • Arbitrator ordered the return of cash seized at an airport.

  • Long range yacht ordered to be returned by federal judge.

If you have had your money or property wrongly seized by the authorities, you need to contact Attorney Nathan today.

Background on Forfeiture Recovery

Civil asset forfeiture laws give law enforcement agencies the power to try to seize money and property that they allege is connected to illegal, often narcotics, activity. Over the last four decades, this system has grown quickly and now is a major source of funding for many law enforcement operations.

Overzealous police forces can sometimes be motivated by the prospects of obtaining forfeiture proceeds, and a strong desire to enforce laws and protect society. So, it is possible for your assets to be wrongly seized in some cases.

Generally, your cash or property can be seized by federal authorities for forfeiture, as stipulated in Title 21, US Code Section 881, because the property was allegedly used or acquired due to a violation of the Controlled Substances Act, Title 21 US Code Section 801.

You can file a petition for remission or mitigation of the forfeiture, with the help of your asset forfeiture attorney. You also can fight the forfeiture of your seized property in US District Court.

Note that you are named as a person who is going to contest the seizure does NOT mean you are a criminal defendant or a suspect that will be targeted by federal law enforcement.

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