Robbery Laws & Charges

In Massachusetts, there are two type of robbery: armed robbery and unarmed robbery. Below are details about both types of these serious crimes. Armed Robbery Armed robbery is defined in Massachusetts General Laws c. 265.17. The law states armed robbery … Read More

Forgery Laws & Charges

The crime of forgery is defined under Massachusetts state law as the act of forging or falsifying another individual’s handwriting or expressing any type of untrue statement with malice or prejudice with the idea to defraud another person. Forgery in … Read More

Mortgage Fraud Laws & Charges

Mortgage fraud is a complex crime. It is estimated that at least 10% of all mortgage applications could be considered fraudulent if you included omissions and errors. But the difference is intent. Proving that someone intentionally omitted information on a … Read More

Violent Crimes

In Massachusetts and most states, violent crimes are criminal offenses that involve the use or the attempted use of violence or forceful conduct to engage in a crime. This can be against another person by itself or in the commission … Read More

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Massachusetts and other states are prosecuted aggressively under MGL c.94C. Law enforcement, district attorneys and most judges take a fairly hard line stance if you have violated one of the state’s drug laws. A drug crime and … Read More

Theft Crimes

Massachusetts state laws put several different theft crimes under the broad title of larceny, and there are several subcategories of larceny. The general crime of larceny in this state is detailed in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 30. Larceny … Read More

Weapon Crimes

While the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms, each state has the right to regulate the use and ownership of weapons. Consequently, the state of Massachusetts has several laws that restrict … Read More

Probation Violations

Over four million people are on probation in the United States each year. Approximately half of those on probation are on probation for a felony. Each year, approximately 300,000 people on probation are sent back to prison because they violated … Read More

Assault Crimes

Assault, assault and battery and aggravated assault are related crimes that involve intentional harm that is inflicted on a person by another person. Any crime featuring a physical attack, or a mere threat of an attack, is usually classified under … Read More

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