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Recent Bristol County Superior Court Cases in the News

Voters Sue to Undo Re-Election of MA Mayor

A small group of voters in a city in Massachusetts are claiming in Bristol County Superior Court that their mayor, who is under indictment, should not have been allowed to be reelected with the same vote that recalled him.

Jasiel Correia was elected mayor of Fall River MA in November 2015. He was reelected two years later.

Three years before his first election, he was the founder of the business SnoOwl, and then spent a year wooing investors for his new app that would supposedly connect business owners to customers.

But state prosecutors allege he spent most of those funds to pay for a lavish lifestyle he could not afford. He also allegedly spent the money to fund his political campaigns. He was arrested by state authorities on Oct. 11, 2018. Correia now is facing charges of fraud in federal court based on his stealing at least $360,000 from several investors.

After he was arrested, a campaign started in Fall River that urged Corriea to be recalled. This effort culminated in a March 12 special election where 61% of voters were in support of the recall. But during the recall, Correia managed to keep his seat as mayor because he was one of five candidates on the mayoral ballot. So, largely due to pure name recognition, he won a plurality of the vote with 35%.

After the controversial election, Fall River City Councilor Shawn Cadime told his fellow members of the council to vote on whether he should be removed from office.

Cadime stated as a city councilor that he thought Correia was unfit to be mayor. He noted that one of the mayor’s first actions as mayor was to obtain political retribution. Cadime said the removal of School Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Costa and School Committeeman Paul Coogan from a building committee was naked political retaliation. This, Cadime said, showed that he was unable to govern the city justly, fairly and without malice.

The 10 Fall River citizens who filed the suit argued that the new charter of the city, which came into effect on January 2018, does not allow a recalled candidate to be listed as a potential replacement for the same political seat in the same election. It says, basically, that if a person is recalled, they cannot be reelected in the same election or vote.

The eight-page complaint says the voters who decided to recall Corriea have essentially been disenfranchised. It is unclear at this time if the under fire mayor will be able to serve out his second term. (

ACLU files Lawsuit Against Fall River for Cracking Down on Panhandlers

A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against Fall River, MA says that local law enforcement too aggressively enforced a new law that discriminates against low income citizens by allowing criminal charges to be brought against panhandlers. The ACLU says the panhandlers have a right under the constitution to solicit donations from people in cars.

The lawsuit was filed in Bristol County Superior Court, and alleges several police officials engaged in an aggressive and targeted effort to arrest homeless and low income people under a state law that deals with solicitation from cars.

The lawsuit alleges that Fall River Police and the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office engaged in aggressive enforcement of a state law that is unconstitutional and targeted the most vulnerable citizens in the city.

The ACLU has long expressed concern that police in Massachusetts have been using the law to aggressively target panhandlers.

Since summer 2018, Fall River police officers have filed at least 150 complaints against panhandlers for violating a state law that the ACLU believes is unconstitutional. The law bans people from signaling, stopping or accosting cars and other motor vehicles for the purpose of getting charitable donations for their own livelihood.

But the law does not make non profit organizations criminal when they solicit money in this fashion. Nor does it stop people from soliciting funds in exchange for a magazine or newspaper or other goods if they have a permit. (

Former Quincy Police Officer Sentenced in Armed Standoff

A former police officer from Quincy, Massachusetts has been sentenced to Massachusetts state prison after he pleaded guilty to charges that were related to an armed standoff in his house in January 2017.

Keith  Wilber, 53, pleaded guilty in Bristol County Superior Court in late March to indictments that charged him with threatening the use of deadly force with a weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

Wilber served the Air Force for nine years before he started an 18 year career with the police department in Quincy.

After he accepted the man’s guilty pleas in court, the judge sentenced him to four to six years in Massachusetts state prison, which will be followed by three years of supervised probation. (


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