Boston Federal Court

The following page discusses the Boston Federal Court house in Boston Massachusetts.

John Joseph Moakley US Courthouse

1 Courthouse Way Suite 2300

Boston, Massachusetts 02210

(617) 748-9152

Office Hours

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Parking and Public Transportation

There is a parking garage located in the Vertex building next to the Moakley Courthouse. There also are open located on Seaport Blvd that are adjacent to and across from the Atlantic Beer Garden. Parking fees are from $22 to $36 per day. (

Boston Judge Information

  • Chief Judge Patti B. Sarris
  • William G. Young
  • Nathaniel M. Gorton
  • Richard G. Stearns
  • George A. O’Toole
  • Dennis F. Saylor
  • Denise J. Casper
  • Indira Talwani
  • Leo T. Sorokin
  • Allison D. Burroughs

Boston Central Violations Bureau

All Central Violations Bureau Payments need to made directly to the Bureau through one of the options below:

Mail a Check or Money Order

Central Violations Bureau

PO Box 71363

Philadelphia PA 19176

Online Credit Card and Bank Account Payments

(800) 827-2982

Credit Card Payments By Phone

Hours of operation are M-F, 8-5 PM Central Time

(800) 827--2982

Recent Boston US District Court Cases in the News

Starstruck Boston Welcomes Hollywood Stars to Federal Courthouse

In what might prove to be one of the most important close-ups of their film careers, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin had hundreds of fans and paparazzi watching their every move outside Boston’s federal district court this week. But they did not even look at each other at their first appearance as co-defendants in the college admissions cheating scandal that has made international headlines.

Huffman, 56, and Loughlin, 54, as well as her husband of 22 years Mossimo Giannulli, 55, were the big names among 10 parents that were making their initial Boston district court appearance related to the national college admissions cheating scandal called ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ that led to the March arrest of 50 mostly prominent Americans

The actresses, as well as Giannulli and co-defendants Gordon Caplan, husband and wife Manuel and Elizabeth Henriquez, Toby MacFarlane, John Wilson, Bruce Isackson and Homayoun Zadeh have been charged in a federal criminal complaint with conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud that could be punished by up to 20 years in prison. They have not been arraigned yet, as US Attorney Andrew E. Lelling’s office is still inside the 30- day window to file the necessary grand jury indictments

All of the accused had their passports seized, have been banned from international travel without permission of the court and may not touch marijuana because it is still illegal under federal law. The judge on the case also told each person to get all firearms out of their homes.

The defendants at Boston Federal District Court this week were among 33 parents who have been accused of paying $25 million in bribes to a college counselor in California to buy their children’s way into top schools such as Stanford, Yale and Georgetown, even though they had low ACT and SAT scores and limited athletic ability. (

Legal Fees for Georgetown Coach Charged in College Bribe Scandal Could Exceed $250,000

Attorneys for the ex-Georgetown tennis coach Gordon Ernst, who has been federally charged in the national college admissions cheating scandal, said this week that fees to his attorneys will probably be more than $250,000. He asked a federal judge to release funds the US government had seized from his bank accounts.

In a motion that was filed in US District Court in Boston, lawyers for Ernst, 52, said that releasing the bank funds is needed to pay his living expenses and legal fees.

The lawyers argued that the federal government has not shown that the funds that were seized are connected to any criminal activity. Federal officials have seized more than $1 million from four of Ernst’s accounts.

The motion in US district court in Boston read that the US government lacks probable cause to believe that the funds that were seized can be traced to proceeds of any type of RICO conspiracy.

Ernst, who once provided Michelle Obama with tennis lessons, is one of more than 50 defendants that have been charged in a national scandal that made international headlines last month. Federal prosecutors allege that dozens of wealthy parents, including celebrities in Hollywood and business executives, wrote huge checks to have their children falsely identified as athletic recruits at top colleges, or to help them to cheat on their SAT and ACT exams.

Ernst is facing a federal racketeering conspiracy charge for allegedly collecting up to $2.7 million in bribes. He allegedly did this in exchange for stating that at least 12 applicants were recruits for the Georgetown tennis team, including several who did not play the sport competitively. (

Providence RI Man Indicted for Kidnapping Resulting in Death of Woman

A federal grand jury in US District Court in Boston this week indicted a man from Providence RI for allegedly kidnapping a 23 year old woman named Jassy Correia that allegedly led to her death. The woman was from Dorchester, Massachusetts, and her body was Delaware in early February in the trunk of Louis D. Coleman’s car.

The indictment came back against Coleman, 32, on a single count of kidnapping resulting in death, a charge that could bring the death penalty if convicted. Prosecutors in Boston have not stated if they intend to seek the death penalty against Coleman. He is currently being held without bail.

Federal charging documents state that Coleman was seen on video outside of a nightclub in Boston’s Theater District with the deceased woman. Also, surveillance footage from his apartment building showed him parking and exiting his car, then coming back later carrying a blanket. He then walked from his vehicle to the front of the building carrying a body that had long hair and clothing that seemed consistent with Correia’s description. (


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